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The World Goes Silent

The last days of my Kenya holiday… a very special gathering of half the family at Maanzoni. It is now my favourite part of the country. Leaving the bustle and chaos of Nairobi city centre on a Friday afternoon, we … Continue reading

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An Erudite Man, Well spoken and Highly Intelligent

Early March, 2018 Back in Nairobi, determined not to be reliant on others any more, I persuaded my daughter to lend me her car for a debut drive in the atrocious traffic conditions of the city. A good opportunity was … Continue reading

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Today We Are Lucky…

March 2018 It’s amazing what you can learn when you chat to strangers – especially drivers in Kenya. While on my way from Ukunda to Mombasa, the driver told me something which has stuck in my mind: “I wish they … Continue reading

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First Visit!

My apologies for the break in my “Charity” blog series, caused by the passing of my long-suffering husband. He was ready to go, he told me on the day of our Golden Wedding anniversary… Life goes on, and I am beginning … Continue reading

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Limited Offer … FREE!

Is it really a whole month since I blogged? Can’t think how the time has gone… Oh yes – how could I forget that we have a brand new bathroom! After three long days of dust, sweat and tears, the … Continue reading

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Unexplained Happenings in the House

A lovely peaceful day and two nights in Jackie’s home on the northern side of Lake Naivasha, in the Great Rift Valley. We used to enjoy many a day playing games of bridge, with breaks for lunch and tea when she lived … Continue reading

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Pandemonium and Dust.

You don’t have to try and imagine what would result if four roads meet and cross and there are no rules. It happens throughout the day outside the YaYa Centre Shopping Mall in the city of Nairobi. A traffic policeman … Continue reading

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Not Quite Paradise

… But near enough. Maanzoni – twenty odd miles south of Nairobi – is a true haven. We sat on the verandah of Anthea’s weekend hideaway, enjoying the cool breeze. It is warm inside, where we went in the late … Continue reading

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Of Words, Pictures and Poetic Licence

Or How a Beginner Tackled the Task of Producing a Book Trailer. It was a sort of spur of the moment effort, which ended up taking a whole day. The opening scene still graces my desktop – elephants catching a … Continue reading

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The False Baobab.

I asked my daughter to paint a sample cover for BREATH OF AFRICA using the theme of a false baobab. The plains of Africa are littered with ant hills. Some envelope the trunks of scraggly acacia bushes, turning them into … Continue reading

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