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A Seed is Dropped…

Charity…? Volunteering – ? “I can’t afford to do something for nothing!” How often have you been faced with those words? I’ve even used them myself, privately, in my own thoughts. Especially when desperately looking for a way to earn … Continue reading

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No Clapping

There was no clapping at the end of my “Afternoon with Jane” talk on Monday at St. Wilfrid’s Church, Broad Road. Was that a bad thing – or a good thing? I noticed – but didn’t mind, really. I talked … Continue reading

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CHARITY –    begins at home – or does it … should it? Do people matter, really and truly – Or is it just ME that matters?  I am the centre of my own universe, after all, and isn’t it all down … Continue reading

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Now THERE’s A Thought –

A thought has come to my mind. I visited an old friend recently (she and I played tennis together as teenagers in the Rift Valley). We were talking about this ‘n that. She had a small Kakuzi Fibrelands investment in Kenya … Continue reading

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I’ve found my Charity! The proceeds of every copy of BREATH OF AFRICA sold goes to ST PETER’S LIFE LINE. This UK registered charity was created in 2009 by someone born and brought up in Kenya and who, after many … Continue reading

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The Forgotten Village

5. Final Instalment. Resty Nankinja,  born in Kabubbu, the “forgotten village”, was taken out of school when her father died in 1988 to help look after her younger siblings. Thinking to escape by getting a husband to look after her, she married … Continue reading

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My Faith Fuel is All I Need

What a feisty, dedicated person is Geraldine! Walking between our three visits today, she accosts a group of men lounging outside what could be a beer hall. She clearly knows them and they return her greetings with broad smiles. One … Continue reading

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