Now THERE’s A Thought –

A thought has come to my mind. I visited an old friend recently (she and I played tennis together as teenagers in the Rift Valley). We were talking about this ‘n that. She had a small Kakuzi Fibrelands investment in Kenya – too tiny a mite to warrant the expense of transferring the dividends away. Suddenly an idea blossomed.

She asked about the charity which I support with my book, BREATH OF AFRICA. She’d already bought the book, but…

It was a simple exercise to make contact with St. Peter’s Lifeline and arrange the paperwork. Now there’s a thought –

Loanladies Kajuki

Kenya’s devolution of power is working! The villagers of Kajuki Village in the shadow of Mt. Kenya, are taking ownership of their lives. Classrooms are being built, and mothers made aware of the evils of Female Genital Mutilation.

They have also embraced the idea of starting micro-businesses, initiated by St. Peter’s Lifeline using the Grameen system, pioneered by Nobel laureate, Bangladeshi Professor Yunus. And the Meru Local Council has pledged a substantial grant towards the second stage of this project.


Have YOU an investment in Kenya which has been niggling at the back of your mind?

Here’s their website: and their email is:


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  1. That sounds like a great investment, Jane. 🙂

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