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Where Oh Where Are We?

Kenya diaries Ctd.. An entirely different ambience awaits me in the spacious beach home of Les and Joe, only a few minutes’ walk from the package holiday Hotel. Their two dogs, black and brown Labradors – whose behaviour reminds me … Continue reading

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A Leisurely Cycle of Sleeping and Eating

Kenya Diary – March 2018. The people in Nairobi are subdued, not the optimistic vibrant feel of my last visit in 2015. The country is divided into two camps, and neither side will give way. Although Uhuru Kenyatta has the … Continue reading

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I’m sorry for abandoning you over the past several months, but I have made a resolution to resume my Friday blogs. And what better time to start, than after a long-awaited visit to my homeland, which changes every time I … Continue reading

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Of Flaming Exhausts and Flashing Headlights

(Based on my article published by the Daily Nation, Kenya, on April 13th 1966) “Dammit – I’ve forgotten the tow-rope – and I need Nos. 6 and 7 box spanners.” Bruce drew his dirty fingernails through his tousled hair in exasperation. He was sitting … Continue reading

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Letters from Elsewhere: Charles Omari Ondiek

Originally posted on An' de walls came tumblin' down:
Today’s guest speaks to me from Africa and is brought by Jane Bwye. SPEAKING FOR MYSELF Thank you for having me, Miriam, and letting me come alive from the pages of…

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The Merry Matatu Marathon

When we rant and rave about “the Authorities”, and bemoan the plight of Africa’s wildlife, we often forget what it used to be like. Here’s a press cutting I’ve dug out from over thirty years ago, from Kenya’s now defunct Langata … Continue reading

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Memories of Kenya Railways

When we first came to Kenya by boat in 1946, I suppose we must have travelled to Nairobi by train. I can’t remember, because I was only five years old. My first recollection of matters to do with railways was … Continue reading

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