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Can It Be True

“I’m calling myself Ruth to hide my identity. I’m 39 years old and I live in Kabubbu, Uganda and I’m from a family of nine brothers and sisters. Many years ago I lost my Mum and Dad from AIDS, it … Continue reading

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Dictators in History – Idi Amin

Historian, Tim Taylor is no stranger to my blog, and today I’m privileged to host the first in his new series. In my honour he’s decided to feature one of Africa’s most unpleasant and notorious villains, a dubious honour. But … Continue reading

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My Faith Fuel is All I Need

What a feisty, dedicated person is Geraldine! Walking between our three visits today, she accosts a group of men lounging outside what could be a beer hall. She clearly knows them and they return her greetings with broad smiles. One … Continue reading

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She is Quick to Praise

I’m beginning to get a picture of the sprawling, haphazard village of Kabubbu. Tall banana plants and healthy cassavas grow abundantly in this tropical Ugandan  climate. It is very humid. My washing from last night is still not dry at … Continue reading

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Some Men Fear the Needle

It was AIDS and the need for education that made the people of Kabubbu choose Geraldine and Geoff Booker as their benefactors. “We are so glad to see you,” they cried. “You have come to bring us a hospital and … Continue reading

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How Charity Does – or Doesn’t – Work in Africa

 I feel shattered after a 5am start and seven hours’ travel. A smooth flight from Nairobi to Entebbe, then a slooow drive through crawling traffic for about one and a half hours through the sprawling outskirts of Kampala, much greener … Continue reading

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