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A Happy Christmas!

 What a year it’s been! I’ve been trying to settle into a new life on my own. Thought it would be easy, as I’m a loner by nature, but I was in for a shock.In an effort to take my … Continue reading

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A Seed is Dropped…

Charity…? Volunteering – ? “I can’t afford to do something for nothing!” How often have you been faced with those words? I’ve even used them myself, privately, in my own thoughts. Especially when desperately looking for a way to earn … Continue reading

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The Joys of Spring

Last weekend I enjoyed one of my favourite things. Since coming to the UK from Kenya sixteen years ago, my one biggest challenge was leaving behind our animals and learning to live without any dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, geese, in a strange new … Continue reading

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Exposure to Higher Things

One does need a change every so often. I had a pleasant break the last two days, away from home, catching up with brother- and sister-in-law in Surrey for two nights. The middle day was spent at a British Dressage … Continue reading

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Back-pack On The Ground Please, Ma’am

Colin and I travel on different flights from Sydney to Perth because for some reason Quantas refused to change our tickets – all the more annoying as there is a vacant seat beside me. When checking in, the Xray “tings” my back-pack. … Continue reading

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How Spoilt We Were in Africa

On my return from Toowoomba, I call in for tea with Alastair and Caroline Pickering. Eleven acres of rolling paddocks grazed by ponies for the disabled, and a spacious house overlooking wild forest land, with farms way down the valley. … Continue reading

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Dressage and Clouds of Sulphur

I’m in New Zealand, on a fifty-acre farm with dairy cows and horses. The wooden farmhouse is very close to the main road and it shudders every time a car or bus flashes past. What a lovely green, green country … Continue reading

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