Dear Friends

It is over four months since I last wrote to you, and six weeks since I returned from my visit to family in Australia.

last picnic

Such a rich, special time; experiencing the highs and lows of ordinary family life and often spending hours on end by myself as they went to work or studied. I got to know their dogs well. I spent whole days indoors. In temperatures reaching the high 30’s, the blessings of air-conditioning won over the severity of the scorching heat outside. But I got used even to that.

The warmth of the land, the welcoming optimistic outlook of this vast, young country – despite the frustrations of politics and red tape which happens everywhere – this was where I wanted to be. It was not only the place that attracted me, with its prospect of living in my own space with a bit of nature at my very doorstep.

When one reaches a certain age and cannot go for spritely long walks in the hills and dales, one needs at least to be able to sit on the doorstep and savour the beauties of nature. I do, anyway.

But living here would bring me within reaching distance of the bulk of my precious family. However much one wants not to be a burden, there comes a time when you cannot help it. You want to be as little a burden as possible, by putting yourself within reasonable reach when needed. Not halfway across the world.

So – you’ve guessed it – I’m going to try and emigrate. My chances on “balance of family”, I’m told, are good. The proceeds from my UK flat should get me a final abode with some private space around it – one thing I have sorely missed for the past twenty years.


You haven’t heard from me for a while; you may not for even longer. I have lost the desire – not so much to write, as to batter myself with the stress of marketing. But I will keep my blog and my Newsletter. You may have noticed my presence on social media has dwindled. But I do still jot things into my diary, and my mobile phone takes great pictures.

I am proud of the books I’ve written, and grateful to my lovely publishers for their support and faith in me. I’m gratified that proceeds from my books have made a difference to the charities they support. A couple of them are still in print and for sale on Amazon at a special price for the Easter weekend. A limited number of the others are available as signed copies if you contact me.

Finally thank you for all your feedback, support and friendship. We’ll keep in touch. Tu’onana! (until next time).


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2 Responses to Dear Friends

  1. Lois Angell says:

    Good luck Jane; we really hope this works out for you. Carpe diem!
    We watched a documentary last night on a man trying to prove the Tasmanian tiger isn’t extinct. Looking at the wonderful wilderness you could easily believe a population of them still exists.
    As you say, a vibrant, young country. Go get your slice of paradise!
    Max & Lois xx

  2. Ralph Von Kaufmann says:

    Hi Jane,

    Good luck with your move and best wishes for life down under.

    As you said tutaonana.

    Ralph and Lynette


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