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I’ve found my Charity! The proceeds of every copy of BREATH OF AFRICA sold goes to ST PETER’S LIFE LINE. This UK registered charity was created in 2009 by someone born and brought up in Kenya and who, after many … Continue reading

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She is Quick to Praise

I’m beginning to get a picture of the sprawling, haphazard village of Kabubbu. Tall banana plants and healthy cassavas grow abundantly in this tropical Ugandan  climate. It is very humid. My washing from last night is still not dry at … Continue reading

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As far as the eye can see – earthworks, dozers, deep gashes in a disappeared hill. Or was it a mountain? It might have been a mountain for all I knew. Three forlorn palm trees stand along the far rim … Continue reading

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It Is As If I’ve Never Been Away

There’s no better way to get around Kenya than from Wilson Airport in Nairobi. My one-and-a-half-hour flight to the coast is painless and speedy. And all the more delightful when I pick up Ndege, their in-flight magazine, to find a review … Continue reading

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Pandemonium and Dust.

You don’t have to try and imagine what would result if four roads meet and cross and there are no rules. It happens throughout the day outside the YaYa Centre Shopping Mall in the city of Nairobi. A traffic policeman … Continue reading

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Not Quite Paradise

… But near enough. Maanzoni – twenty odd miles south of Nairobi – is a true haven. We sat on the verandah of Anthea’s weekend hideaway, enjoying the cool breeze. It is warm inside, where we went in the late … Continue reading

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Charity – The Circle of Life

The Crooked Cat Christmas festivities ends today! Here is a little tale to illustrate the cycle of life in Africa – that continent of survivors. I’m off to Kenya later this month, to hibernate, soak up the atmosphere, and research … Continue reading

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Tagging Historical Fiction Authors

In the latest game of tag for historical fiction authors on the blogosphere, we introduce the main character of our work in progress or soon to be published novel. Just to be different, I’ve decided to talk about the main … Continue reading

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Oregon – and a Dip into Kenya’s Distant Past

The journey to Medford is weird. I am warned to report at the airport three hours early because of heightened security at LAX, and I’ve already spent a very relaxed day at the hotel after the group left.  Fortunately I decide … Continue reading

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Everything is Upside Down in Canada

ROUND THE WORLD WALKABOUT Part 2. Guelph and Toronto August 2001 Everything is upside down in Canada – traffic on the wrong side of the road, taps opening up and down, and  lights switching on downwards instead of up.  The … Continue reading

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