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Setting Out, Setting In

You’re in for a treat today, as Ron Askew , one of my favourite writers, is my guest. We hark back to authonomy times, when he was an enthusiastic supporter of my first novel. He gave me the confidence to persevere. … Continue reading

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The Sounds and Smells of Newgate

This series on settings for books has produced many intriguing pieces, and this week popular historical crime novelist Kate Braithwaite takes us to 17th century London, maps and all. Over to you, Kate. *** The Road to Newgate is almost … Continue reading

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Dull Grey Sky Heavy with Moisture

As a follow-on from last week’s “Rookie in London“, (setting 40 years ago) here’s a preview of how a Kenyan woman sees present day UK for the first time – in Grass Shoots, the sequel, my work in progress… (there’s … Continue reading

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A Rookie in London

Thought you might like a change from Africa…. Here is an excerpt from Breath of Africa, to wet your appetite in case you haven’t read the book already. If you have read it, I would greatly appreciate a review on amazon – … Continue reading

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The Journey Through the Urban Landscape

Welcome to my mysterious guest Grey Wolf today – with a different take on settings which for him merely wait for the story to come along. Nor does he set much store by pictures, preferring to let his words do the painting. … Continue reading

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Bunting at Victoria Station

I went walking in London last week. Normally, I avoid long walks on pavements like the plague, for they play havoc with my back. But London fascinates me and I don’t feel the pain until after I’ve stiffened up on … Continue reading

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Tagging Historical Fiction Authors

In the latest game of tag for historical fiction authors on the blogosphere, we introduce the main character of our work in progress or soon to be published novel. Just to be different, I’ve decided to talk about the main … Continue reading

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