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The Majestic Albatross

Galapagos Islands. No.5 After lunch we cruise to Punta Suarez point on Espanola in readiness for a three-hour afternoon stroll. This is the most varied walk of the week. With about 8-9 other groups we embark for our “dry landing”, … Continue reading

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Blue Feet Like Aircraft Landing Gear

Galapagos Islands. No. 4 We return to the boat for a three hour trip to Santa Fe, with lunch on the way, and pull into a tiny lagoon. The sandy bottom and green water reflect the breasts of young frigate … Continue reading

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Bunting at Victoria Station

I went walking in London last week. Normally, I avoid long walks on pavements like the plague, for they play havoc with my back. But London fascinates me and I don’t feel the pain until after I’ve stiffened up on … Continue reading

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The Bird Telegraph must have Twanged

Galapagos Diary 4. The Guantanamera appeared from nearby Santa Cruz, where she’d gone for refuelling.  It had been a very pleasant couple of hours.  Most of us stayed on board, but four went deep-sea snorkelling near the cliffs of Santa … Continue reading

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From Peregrination to Publication, a 40 year journey.

Very many thanks for coming by today, Mark Patton, to delight us with your travelling reminiscences. Hello Jane, and thanks for hosting me today. I’ve been following your blog ever since we were first published by Crooked Cat (I think your first … Continue reading

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Ian Johnson – Guest Blogger

Originally posted on Tales from the African Bush:
Ian Johnson is the CEO of Mokolodi Wildlife Foundation. Now that all the furore about the death of a lion in Zimbabwe has died down somewhat, this seems a good time to publish…

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Women Who Travel Solo

I’ve been invited over to Lauren Salisbury’s blog, where I’m dropping a few hints, based on my visit to Namibia a while ago. I managed to dig out a few photos, too. Here’s a taster: Why did you decide to take … Continue reading

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Galapagos Diary 3 – Seymour Island

Sunday 26/12/04 I have an impossible night.  This time the air conditioning in the boat is on, at the request of those in the inner cabins.  The vent is above my bunk and I cannot regulate the freezing draft.  At 5 … Continue reading

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Roast Turkey, Masked Boobies and Rough Rides

Galapagos Diaries 2. Christmas Eve – in the late morning we boat round Santiago Island to Bartolome. The seas are rough, and we sit grimly on deck most of the way, clinging on for dear life amid tumbled chairs and tables. Everyone suffers … Continue reading

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Galapagos – Here I Come!

Thursday 23rd December, 2004. We arrive on Baltra island, whose call to fame in the Galapagos Islands is the fact that it has an airport.  Tourists are everywhere, going in numerous different directions, while the locals hang around in the … Continue reading

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