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When Sales are Poor…

Sometimes people fall into a business without much thought. Authors, for instance  write books, and we only realise we need to be business-like when sales are poor. Can you turn a hobby into a business? Lucky you, if you love … Continue reading

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Our Final Day in the Galapagos Islands

Saturday 30/12/04 Another early breakfast, followed by farewell photographs and presents for the crew. Billie ushered us into the dinghy for the last time, and we headed for the Charles Darwin Centre in a vain attempt to beat the crowds. … Continue reading

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Bird counting and acrobatic dolphins

Galapagos Diary No. Friday 29/12/04. This time the boat sets off at 1am and we arrive at Floreana at 7am. It is an attractive, hilly island.  We plan an early disembarkation for a wet landing; only two other boats are in the bay.  We are first … Continue reading

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Blue Feet Like Aircraft Landing Gear

Galapagos Islands. No. 4 We return to the boat for a three hour trip to Santa Fe, with lunch on the way, and pull into a tiny lagoon. The sandy bottom and green water reflect the breasts of young frigate … Continue reading

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The Bird Telegraph must have Twanged

Galapagos Diary 4. The Guantanamera appeared from nearby Santa Cruz, where she’d gone for refuelling.  It had been a very pleasant couple of hours.  Most of us stayed on board, but four went deep-sea snorkelling near the cliffs of Santa … Continue reading

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Galapagos Diary 3 – Seymour Island

Sunday 26/12/04 I have an impossible night.  This time the air conditioning in the boat is on, at the request of those in the inner cabins.  The vent is above my bunk and I cannot regulate the freezing draft.  At 5 … Continue reading

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