When Sales are Poor…

Sometimes people fall into a business without much thought. Authors, for instance  write books, and we only realise we need to be business-like when sales are poor.

Can you turn a hobby into a business? Lucky you, if you love what you do. But you cannot hope to love everything you need to do in order be a success.

There are so many types of business – a plethora of possibilities – which provide endless opportunities for RESEARCH, which is the essence of forming a PLAN… which is of course what my book is all about.

MARKETING is of vital importance and branding is a piece of jargon which you will learn about.

This was one idea for a cover of my book, brainstormed by a good author friend, Ailsa Abraham.

First banner

If you study the pictures below the title, you may be reminded of a gardener, a leather worker, a disco jockey, a computer expert and a jaguar – illustrating some of the clients who have come my way, whose stories I have used in my book.

I encourage you to revisit the dreams you wrote down for last week’s blog, and set a time frame for each one. It is important to state the actual YEAR you want to achieve it. Don’t agonise over this too much – you can always change the goal posts later.

Write a year against each dream, using a little bit of realism in your calculations.  


When I wrote down my dreams all those years ago, I didn’t state a timeframe. I didn’t think any of them were really going to come true. But these are the dreams I fulfilled:

EM waved albatrosI went to the Galapagos Islands, in 2004. It was a wonderful cruise.

124 First sight of the Treasury

My dreams of Israel and Jordan came true in 2008 when I experienced the peace of the Sea of Galilee, the bustle of touristy Jerusalem, and the wonderful ancient city of Petra.


Not only did my dream of finding a publisher for my book come true in 2013, but I’ve written several more since then.

– and, do you know? Five of my seven grandchildren have already claimed from the Granny Travel Fund and widened their horizons.

1 Jane (472x640)

But my biggest dream, when I blew the head off a dandelion at the age of six, was to go round the world….. that was achieved fifty-five years later.

I’ve blogged extensively on that in the past.

Next week, I’ll reveal the final link to making your dreams come true… unless you can’t wait, and would like to buy the book now!


A general step-by-step guide to keep beside you, which uses stories based on true experience to illustrate different scenarios. Most of it is just old-fashioned common sense, but when you start a new venture, common sense seems to go out of the window. This guide will help you focus on making your new business a success.
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