Dreaming – That’s The Secret.

I just love Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony….  As a child I used to sit and dream on the window seat gazing out over the hills of Africa, humming to the beautiful music.

DREAMING…. that’s the Secret!

CIMG0112Do you love to dream? I do as I sit on a bench looking over the South Downs. I sometimes bring a notepad and pen with me.

It’s also the secret of how to succeed in business, through thick and thin, rain and sun. And if you don’t have a business, nor would ever want to own one, you can just apply my little secret to your own life.

First – you need to forget about business or work or whatever and identify what motivates YOU PERSONALLY.


What would you like to do, be or have, if there were no boundaries? Think up ten dreams and picture them in your mind. It doesn’t matter how large, trivial, or outrageous they are. Just have a go…

 Indulge yourself…. if it’s a home of your own, imagine a specific place, how many bedrooms, size of the garden… if it’s a car. What make? Model? Colour? Interior?…


Bryce Canyon, US

Maybe an experience, travel where – how – for how long – what time of year? Go to a show, which one? Take family out to a meal somewhere special – what’s on the menu?

And then – make a realistic costing, and a time frame for each dream, as described in the book.


I did this exercise sixteen years ago when, after a wonderful “walk” round the world, my life hit rock bottom. That happens to people sometimes, after having an amazing experience. I was encouraged to conjure up ten dreams and write them down.

tortoises01283I dreamed of going to the Galapagos Islands: I am a keen amateur bird-watcher, and that’s the place for birds, and tortoises.


I wanted to go to Petra.

I wanted to finish my first book, which I’d started way back in the 1980’s, and I wanted to find a publisher for it.

I dreamed an impossible dream of providing a travel fund for my grandkids on their gap years, ten years on.

Next week – find out what happened with my dreams!



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3 Responses to Dreaming – That’s The Secret.

  1. rolandclarke says:

    Dreams are what keeps us going, and some come true – like Borde Hill HT, my first novel, and yours. (What great memories that South Downs photo conjures…and a few tears too.)

  2. jbwye says:

    Absolutely, Roland! I was there judging at Borde Hill only recently!

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