… the film Albatross – elegy to beauty & grief for love lost …

This wonderful film lasts 90 minutes – spare the time, and be moved by what you see.

Course of Mirrors

Truly witnessing the tragedies on our planet is not the same as passive looking,  witnessing expands and transforms consciousness. As an individual I feel helpless, unable to solve the overwhelming problems, but by witnessing and accepting the sad truth of what is happening, and by grieving the losses, I, each of us, in a small way, can contribute towards a necessary and crucial paradigm shift.

Chris Jordan’s film about the Albatross, a labour of love that took eight years of intense collaborations – is a gift to the world, free to watch or download.

When you find a quiet hour, click here to watch the film.

The unusual documentary reveals stunningly beautiful, poignant and intimate openings into the life of these ancient bird families. The spellbinding scenes, shot on the lone Pacific island of Midway halfway between America and Asia, touches way, way deeper into our psyche than any factual…

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2 Responses to … the film Albatross – elegy to beauty & grief for love lost …

  1. Thank you, Jane, for a further sharing this stunningly beautiful and deeply poignant film.

  2. rolandclarke says:

    Wonderful, beautiful, but so sad. Will the destruction ever stop?

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