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The Best Chapatis I have Ever Tasted

It is Tuesday 27th February, 2018. Joseph picks me up in his taxi at 8am for the four and a half hour drive to Kajuki. Good roads all the way. It is very built up and scarcely recognisable through and … Continue reading

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Riding Out

I started on a donkey. At school I lived for my riding lessons, and had to write my Kenya Preliminary Exams with my left hand due to breaking my arm falling off a horse. Heaven happened when at the age … Continue reading

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Shillingi, and Kenya’s Black History

This year in the UK we are celebrating Black History in this month of February, 2016. Its purpose is to make people aware of the so-called Dark Continent which is often forgotten, cast aside as of no importance in our rapidly moving society, … Continue reading

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Be Still…

A prayer: Dear Lord. You said that your father is the gardener (John 15:1). Help me to cut off all that would hinder my growth and please make me more fruitful. It is time to withdraw from the addiction of social … Continue reading

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Goodbye Ecuador

Saturday 31/12/04 Guayaquil is a facinating city. I spend four hours walking along the Malecon, a 3.5 kilometre concrete seafront promenade, artistically designed by a team of Oxford University landscape artists. Attractions include a Yacht Club, several monuments of local … Continue reading

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Our Final Day in the Galapagos Islands

Saturday 30/12/04 Another early breakfast, followed by farewell photographs and presents for the crew. Billie ushered us into the dinghy for the last time, and we headed for the Charles Darwin Centre in a vain attempt to beat the crowds. … Continue reading

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Bird counting and acrobatic dolphins

Galapagos Diary No. Friday 29/12/04. This time the boat sets off at 1am and we arrive at Floreana at 7am. It is an attractive, hilly island.  We plan an early disembarkation for a wet landing; only two other boats are in the bay.  We are first … Continue reading

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The Majestic Albatross

Galapagos Islands. No.5 After lunch we cruise to Punta Suarez point on Espanola in readiness for a three-hour afternoon stroll. This is the most varied walk of the week. With about 8-9 other groups we embark for our “dry landing”, … Continue reading

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Blue Feet Like Aircraft Landing Gear

Galapagos Islands. No. 4 We return to the boat for a three hour trip to Santa Fe, with lunch on the way, and pull into a tiny lagoon. The sandy bottom and green water reflect the breasts of young frigate … Continue reading

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Bunting at Victoria Station

I went walking in London last week. Normally, I avoid long walks on pavements like the plague, for they play havoc with my back. But London fascinates me and I don’t feel the pain until after I’ve stiffened up on … Continue reading

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