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Riding Out

I started on a donkey. At school I lived for my riding lessons, and had to write my Kenya Preliminary Exams with my left hand due to breaking my arm falling off a horse. Heaven happened when at the age … Continue reading

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The Joys of Spring

Last weekend I enjoyed one of my favourite things. Since coming to the UK from Kenya sixteen years ago, my one biggest challenge was leaving behind our animals and learning to live without any dogs, cats, horses, cows, chickens, geese, in a strange new … Continue reading

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A Visit with Jane Bwye

I’d forgotten all about this interview….. you may pick up one or two things about me on Lela Markham’s blog. She and I go back several years, although we’ve never actually met.  “I like to think that Africa will overcome … Continue reading

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Exposure to Higher Things

One does need a change every so often. I had a pleasant break the last two days, away from home, catching up with brother- and sister-in-law in Surrey for two nights. The middle day was spent at a British Dressage … Continue reading

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Do I Know What I’m Doing?

The sequel is finished. A burden has lifted from my shoulders. Only some editing remains after feedback from friendly readers, and then I can submit GRASS SHOOTS to my publishers. I am tired. I don’t want to write another novel – for … Continue reading

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Grannies and Grandpas

Three DOs, Three DONTs, and Three WAYS to make up for all those mistakes. Aren’t they adorable? They are somebody’s grandchildren. The most important roles in life are undertaken by people with the least training. No prizes for guessing these are parents … Continue reading

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CHARITY –    begins at home – or does it … should it? Do people matter, really and truly – Or is it just ME that matters?  I am the centre of my own universe, after all, and isn’t it all down … Continue reading

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Always a Dreamer

As a child, I would curl up in a corner of the window seat, looking out onto our glorious African garden in the Highlands of Kenya – I was always a dreamer… Beyond the fence of our twelve acre plot lay … Continue reading

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The Busiest Bandstand in Britain

It is cold. The biting wind whips round the arena. The prime seats are packed solid, and the Eastbourne Silver Band strikes up. We arrived on time to collect our tickets, but are too late and have to take exposed … Continue reading

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