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A Breath-taking Epic

A rare chance not to be missed! Selling at a bargain 99P. Treat a friend this Easter? A message from my publishers, the wonderful Crooked Cats! Head to Kenya in Jane Bwye’s “breath-taking” 5* epic, Breath of Africa, a land … Continue reading

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In Love With Africa

  There’s something about Africa – especially Africa south of the Sahara – which gets to you. You only have to live there once for a short time, to get the bug. Perhaps it’s the extraordinary light, translucent, clear, pristine, … Continue reading

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Angel in a Thornbush

It’s hibernation time – to shed tasks, responsibilities and even pleasures and curl up under the blanket until winter is past. The body aches all over, the mind is tired and all you want to do is sleep… or let … Continue reading

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The Joy of Giving

Christmas is coming – do I hear your inner groans ….? I’m sure most people have experienced the joy of giving, especially to someone who really needs and appreciates your gift. But in this hemisphere, when the days draw in, some … Continue reading

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After Years of Professional Freelance Writing and Editing…

Stephanie Smith Diamond is an American writer, editor, runner, hiker, traveller, and expat, who has travelled throughout the United States, Europe, Asia, and Africa. I have only just met her, and I’m looking forward to reading her book, which seems to have evolved a bit … Continue reading

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Award-nominated contemporary novel BREATH OF AFRICA And thought-provoking romantic novella I LIFT UP MY EYES For sale at 99p each, limited period only See my website for further details about these two books. http://janebwye.com/mybooks/breath-of-africa http://janebwye.com/mybooks/i-lift-up-my-eyes

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I’d Like to Talk About Magic

I always enjoy having author Ailsa Abraham​ to stay. Welcome for another week, Ailsa – we love your magical meanderings. Near or Far, it’s similar. I’m very grateful to Jane for inviting me back to follow up on my previous … Continue reading

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These are valuable tips indeed. Jeff Gardiner, editor and master of several genres, is well qualified to write a continuation to my “Author Countdown” which started by accident a couple of weeks ago, when my blog “TEN THINGS…” broke hit records last month.  We’ve shared … Continue reading

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Not Quite Paradise

… But near enough. Maanzoni – twenty odd miles south of Nairobi – is a true haven. We sat on the verandah of Anthea’s weekend hideaway, enjoying the cool breeze. It is warm inside, where we went in the late … Continue reading

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Charity – The Circle of Life

The Crooked Cat Christmas festivities ends today! Here is a little tale to illustrate the cycle of life in Africa – that continent of survivors. I’m off to Kenya later this month, to hibernate, soak up the atmosphere, and research … Continue reading

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