The Joy of Giving

Christmas is coming – do I hear your inner groans ….?

I’m sure most people have experienced the joy of giving, especially to someone who really needs and appreciates your gift.

But in this hemisphere, when the days draw in, some want nothing else but to hide beneath the blankets like a hedgehog until winter is over. And my thoughts turn to the warmth of my home – in Africa.

It is an acknowledged fact that those who have been to Africa are bitten by a virulent bug. You could call it a bug – or a breath. It is a feeling, something inside you which makes you yearn to go back, to give something back.

Many who have lived there don’t want to go back, for fear the present reality will spoil their dreams. It is a valid fear, for there’s lots wrong with Africa – corruption, violence, chaos – an enormous gap between rich and poor.

But there is so much to love about Africa – the indescribable beauty of its surroundings, the wealth of its wildlife, and the infectious joy of the people, who are grateful for the smallest of blessings.

When I left Kenya, something inside me almost died. But I kept it alive. I’ve told you before how I wallowed in nostalgia while I wrote my book. A novel, tracing Kenya’s contemporary history.

It is a hopeful book. You can read it as a love story, a psychological thriller, or as an exploration into the interactions of people of different races. Superstition and faith clash. And the stunning beauty of the country is a major character in itself.


BREATH OF AFRICA is a best-seller, inspired by the TRIBE books of Nicholas Monserrat. It has been compared with the works of Nobel laureate Doris Lessing.

Those of you who wish to nurture your joy of giving – here’s your chance! Every penny of royalties from the sale of BREATH OF AFRICA goes to a micro-financing project in a very poor village called Kajuki, in the shadow of Mt. Kenya.

If you’re never likely to read it, Christmas is coming! And with immediate effect,  the e-book versions of BOTH my novels are


(Click the link above to go to my Author Page on Amazon)

Pass this on – spread the word – and give others a chance to FEEL THE BREATH.

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