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Award-nominated contemporary novel BREATH OF AFRICA And thought-provoking romantic novella I LIFT UP MY EYES For sale at 99p each, limited period only See my website for further details about these two books. http://janebwye.com/mybooks/breath-of-africa http://janebwye.com/mybooks/i-lift-up-my-eyes

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A Tendency Towards the Dark Side

Isn’t it interesting how someĀ children’s or Young Adult authors like to take refuge from time to time in “dark” works? Charlotte Comley is a case in point – but she has combined the two, and she also writes educational text … Continue reading

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Life Has a Habit of Kicking You in the Teeth –

– And sudden sickness in a thriving relationship can turn everything on its end. I’ve seen it happen. An accident or serious illness strikes, everybody rallies round at first, and being the centre of attention and empathy helps, but it … Continue reading

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