A Tendency Towards the Dark Side

Isn’t it interesting how some children’s or Young Adult authors like to take refuge from time to time in “dark” works? Charlotte Comley is a case in point – but she has combined the two, and she also writes educational text books. I know you will enjoy joining us as we chat on my blog today.

Charlotte Comley

Charlotte – you belong to a group of writers – would you tell us about some of the benefits?

I currently teach creative writing and run a writing group called The Writers at Lovedean. Although writing is a solitary business, it is good to mix with people who share your own interests and understand the highs and lows of the writing process. We are a bit different from most critique groups, one week we read and get feedback the next week we do a writing exercise. These exercises have often gone on to provide ideas for longer work.

Would you give us a brief history of your literary journey so far?

I have had a great deal of success in publishing non fiction. I have written ten educational resources. Unfortunately, most educational publishers now sell resources as PDFs so that teachers can print out the parts of the book they need. So I have missed out from seeing my text books on shelves. Non fiction does pay better than fiction. I write for magazines and have a small number of clients needing blog and newsletter content. My goal is to be successful in the fiction market.

What genre of writing do you prefer?

Most of my writing is for middle grade and young adult, however I currently have a series for the young reader almost ready to send out to agents. I tend to lean towards the dark stories.

Please tell us about the books you have published

My latest novella Best Friends Forever has been published by Spinetingler Press and us available for Kindle. It is a dark tale of the friendship between two teenage girls which is tested by a series of murders. My poetry anthology, Revealed is also on sale on Amazon.

What form of marketing works best for you?

I’m a people person who likes to meet people face to face at conferences and spoken word events. I feel uncomfortable promoting my own work, but often help to promote others. This is how I gained the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed for this blog, through cross promotion of someone else’s work. 

What are your aims for the future?

I am currently doing an MA in creative writing at a Winchester University. I have managed to go away and complete a writing project of my own for every module I’ve taken at the university. I have an idea for a middle grade horror which I hope to complete the first draft of before the New Year.

Tell us about a special moment or milestone in your life.

I would definitely say that having my children, and family life is so special. I give thanks for them and those I love in my life daily. Those special moments of everyone being piled in the bed together, eating meals together and walking the dog make my life worthwhile.

If there were no barriers, what would you like to do / be / have in the future?

Those gatekeepers of the publishing world often feel like a major barrier to every writers dream! How nice to live in a literary world without the rejection letter.

Like to tell us about a favourite interest – apart from writing? 

I’m a bit of a movie buff, I’ve always loved the cinema. Even in my darkest times, when the lights go down and the movie starts I feel better. I also like to read, draw and anything crafty.

 If you were given the opportunity to travel – where would you go and why?

Now I have a long list, see the Northern Lights, I’ve always fancied visiting Italy, China and Japan. I’ve been to Canada and America, but there are other destinations in those countries I want to visit.

Best Friends Forever





















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