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In Six Hours … the world will change

A big welcome to new friend Raymond McCullough today. I, too, have visited the Holy Land, and a chapter in my most recent novel (HERE) draws on that experience. But Raymond is a far more prolific traveller – and author – than I. He loves … Continue reading

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Everything Is a Bit of a Blur

I am  taking you back for one moment to October 2010.  Everything is a bit of a blur after we experience the wonders of Petra, and I am very tired. The old body is not keeping up with the mind, … Continue reading

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O Israel!

Let’s change track now, to a topical venue. With the coming of Christmas, this little part of the world is the focus of millions of people around our shrinking globe. I went there in 2010, a place I’d always wanted to … Continue reading

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You Need to Learn How to Give Speeches…

Great minds think alike (No … we’re not fools)! – Or rather, I’m a greater fool than Miriam Drori, as it’s taken me more months to get around to joining an amazing Institution. It’s great fun, and you learn sooo much. Let Miriam … Continue reading

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