In Six Hours … the world will change

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11 Responses to In Six Hours … the world will change

  1. Thanks, Raymond for this interesting and thorough review of your travels and books. Thanks, Jane for having Raymond for a guest. 🙂 — Suzanne

  2. Tom Winton says:

    You’ve really been around, Raymond! It was fun reading about your travels.

  3. Thanks, guys – from Edinburgh, Scotland! 🙂

  4. My comments have all disappeared, too!

  5. gerrymccullough says:

    An interesting blog, Raymond! Hope there’ll be more of them!

  6. Brian says:

    Hi Jane.

    Weather here in Peru is Hot and steamy. Bridge is going very well. Have distributed all the bookmarks. Look forward to playing with you again late in March.


    • jbwye says:

      Brian! Good to hear from you. Looking forward to March. I am a bit bridge-starved at the moment. And thank you for being ambassador for my book!

  7. Thanks folks – I replied individually and collectively before, but WordPress didn’t post my comments! 😦

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