Three Things I’ll Give You…

Two, you’ll have to earn –

I have some exciting news. My new book is coming out next year. There’s still a long way to go. Things like the allocation of an editor, agreeing the cover, and settling the launch date.


And if you haven’t yet read Breath of Africa, there’s still time!

You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged for ages. It’s partly because personal matters, advancing age and illness have intruded on our lives, and we have been gaining insight into the mysterious machinations of the National Health Service, which is creaking at the seams through sheer volume of use. Hospital corridors are the norm, as are the vagaries of wheel chairs, which can only easily be wielded when pulled backwards, unless one has the strength and the knack to push them forwards, which I haven’t.

Hours of waiting for appointments provide opportunities to bring out the faithful kindle, so long as I’ve remembered to charge it up and bring it. My mobile phone lies forgotten between handbags, and when I need it, the battery is flat or I can’t remember how to use the wretched thing.

Technology is creeping in. You can now tap on a screen to check in for appointments at some hospitals, but unless you’ve remembered to bring your letter or take note of the instructions which flash briefly before your eyes, you don’t know where to go and there’s nobody to ask anymore.

But at least we have the luxury of a Blue Badge. It is amazingly uplifting being able to park on yellow lines or grab a disabled space near the entrance. Although my conscience twinges at the thought of missed opportunities to walk. My life has become more sedentary these days and those hills not quite so inviting.

But back to those three things…

Because a significant portion of my readership really don’t like to bother with websites and social media, I’ve decided to reach out in a different direction.

I’m starting a Newsletter delivered to your email in-boxes. I’m also offering a FREE short story to subscribers, which bridges the gap between Breath of Africa and Grass Shoots. It is guaranteed to wet your appetite. And there will be a chance of another surprise nearer to Christmas.

To earn these gifts, you will of course need to let me have your email address – and please tell your friends. Click HERE, and on the right-hand margin of my website, SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter.

The short story CRADLE OF MAN will wing its way to you once you have answered a simple question.



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