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Zanna MacKenzie is my guest blogger today. Formerly a travel agent, she is also an experienced arm chair traveller, evidence this interesting little piece. You don’t mention Africa, Zanna? Perhaps a savour of its breath will tempt you to widen your horizons even more!

I think where a book is set can influence whether or not we are tempted to read it – city or country, UK or overseas. Would you prefer to escape into a book set on a hot and sunny Mediterranean coast or in the cold and snowy Canadian mountains?

Personally I love novels set in rural surroundings or on the coast in the UK. I’m not much of a city person but I have been intrigued by plots and drawn to reading books set in bustling cities such as London, Sydney and New York.  I did enjoy those books despite the locations not holding much appeal to me, so location certainly isn’t everything but I think you can say that the setting is something of a supporting ‘actor’ to the characters in a novel and can really help to bring the book to life.

I suppose I have a particular weakness for books set in Scotland, and some of my absolute favourite books have been set in Ireland as well. One book set on a fictitious island off the west coast of Ireland made me feel as though I was on holiday there with all of the characters. I could smell the sea air, stroll along the lanes and see the little cottages dotted amongst the landscape, it was wonderful.

Books set overseas can make fascinating reading and allow you to learn more about the customs, traditions and the lifestyles of those who live there. I’ve learnt much about Hong Kong, the Australian outback, Quebec and Montreal, North Carolina and New England from reading novels set in these fascinating places.

My first novel (yet to see the light of day!) is set in one of my favourite places in the UK – the stunning Lake District. My recently published second novel The Love Programme is set in Scotland –where I used to live – and explores the glorious landscape of the coast and mountains of the Highlands, complete with private country estate and castle.

My most recent release How Do You Spell Love? is set in one of my favourite places to visit for a holiday, the coast and moors of North Yorkshire.

So, how important do you think the location is in the books you read? Do you prefer hot and sunny or cold and snowy settings for books? Are you a city or country person?

Zanna’s book, How Do You Spell Love, is Chicklit/rom com with a magical theme, published by  Crooked Cat.

And you can find more about Zanna   HERE.

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