Take a Deep Breath of Africa


Jill Lake, author of A Garden in Africa, posted this review of my book on Amazon. I’ve never met her, but we have made friends on-line as a result. Isn’t our techno-world amazing!

A thoroughly enjoyable read. Like the author, I was raised in Kenya and can relate to many of the characters and incidents in this book. The story, for the most part, deals with Africa in the post-colonial era and shows the complexities of life and relationships in a developing nation. Here, the star-crossed lovers have to try and overcome a racial and cultural divide as deep and wide as the Rift Valley itself, and how they go about this is the very heart of the book. Those who have lived in Kenya, or visited it, will find joy as I did in reliving the sites and scents and sounds of that wondrous country. Those who have never been there will find themselves transported by the felicity of Jane Bwye’s evocation to the wide, game-filled plains and great mountains and deep forests and lovely seacoast that make Kenya such a special place. Along the way you will meet valiant Caroline and ambitious Charles, doomed Brian and tragic Teresa, kind Boney and malevolent Mwangi and all the other characters that bring Breath of Africa to life.

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  1. Jill Lake has given a wonderful comment, full of insight about this book, Breath of Africa, which I’ve read on authonomy, the HarperCollins website Her love for Kenya, its people, its landscapes including the environment shines through. 🙂

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