I’m Sitting Right There Beside You

“Business mentor Jane Bwye has written a fantastic new guide for anyone considering starting up their own business.  It reads like Jane is sitting right there beside you, explaining the various points to consider, and giving tips & advice on starting up a new company.

“Of course, not everybody is cut out to run their own business.  But if you don’t think about it seriously, you’ll never know if you can succeed.” – Jane Bwye”


What better accolade can I ask for?

Here’s another snippet from the book:

Dreaming... Life is easy when your business is booming. It is during the disheartening down periods – when your customers are few, your debts rising, nothing seems to be going to plan – that you need to dig deep and remember the answers to the question:

Why am I doing this?

The exercise of dreaming is vital, because you need to know the answers to this question beforehand.

It stands to reason that if you don’t know where you’re going – or why – you’ll never get there. I love helping people to dream in a constructive manner. I appreciate that some are more natural dreamers than others, but I’m going to explain how you can dream, anyway.”


That’s enough for today. The book will be launched next Wednesday, 15th August 2018.

And I would really appreciate it if you could drop a review on Amazon once you’ve read it: that will only take you 2-3 hours.


Here’s the universal Amazon link: https://bookgoodies.com/a/B07DN2RRXD



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