Three Things I’m Proud of.


Can’t help feeling proud – my little novella is just out in paperback format. Don’t you just love the cover? Go on – treat yourself! Here’s the link to  and

And my two-volume African saga will soon be complete, with the launch of GRASS SHOOTS on 30th March. Don’t forget to look out for it on amazon! If you sign up to my irregular Newsletters, HERE, you won’t be left out.

Many apologies for this short post. Life seems to have caught up with me, while my husband, Roy – to whom I LIFT UP MY EYES is dedicated – is in hospital. He is no tecchie, eschews a kindle, and as soon as I get my hands on a “real” copy, he can read it for the first time!

Time gets very short while I try to jiggle with the multiple departments responsible for his multiple ailments, and attempt to convince our severely stretched local hospital that surely it is logical for him to remain in their care instead of sending him home, and back again, and again. And anyway, the physio, OT, and ultimately social care need to be involved to ensure all is as it should be at home…  Sorry – must fly!



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