Now He is At Peace


Brian Connell, a man of principle and insight with a deep love of Africa, is missed by many because of his struggles. He tried to overcome them by the cathartic writing of his legacy, the book Msomi and Me.

Written as a series of anecdotes, it resides in the top forty of an amazon best-seller list. I noticed it there a few weeks ago, as my book also hovers around that height, and my heart gives a little flutter whenever I see them on the same page.

Brian shared a little of his journey on my blog last year: Nokothula – No Place of Peace. In it, you will find a link to Brian’s measured reaction to the furore you may remember about Cecil the lion.

He is one of those people whom the more you know, the more you admire. I say “is” because for me – and I’m sure for many – he lives on in his writings, which portray his love of Africa, its people and its wildlife.

Brian suffered. Africa makes people suffer. No-one will know the full extent of his pain, for he bore it valiantly. Now he rests at peace in the country he loved and championed. We commiserate with his family. And we salute him.

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