Can Micro Managers Be Leaders?

He signs himself Vossie on his blog, but I’ve always thought of him as AJ.
I’ve never met him, but his fledgling book Fathers of the Sons struck several chords with me when I first read it. It may never see the light of day, for Vossie has now moved on to express himself with delightful photographs and snippets of thoughts.
I will always think of him as a kindred spirit and my very first supporter of BREATH OF AFRICA on its journey through Authonomy.
We touch base now and then.
Continue to enjoy your gentle retirement along the canals of Ireland, Vossie.
Why not follow this great blog and enjoy his regular ramblings, as I do?

Ouch!! My back hurts!!

Conversely put,

can leaders stoop to micro managing?

Somehow, I think the answer to both questions is an emphatic NO!

I’m perturbed by the concept that so-called team leaders are lumbered with the title when they are in effect team managers. I have difficulty answering to micro managers. I have difficulty in seeing the logic of placing someone in a position of management when they clearly haven’t grasped the core essentials of leadership.

I’ve occasionally posted about the joys of (bad) management in the workplace. I especially love the creativity of those moving within the lofty realms of the corporate human resources environment. Mostly though, I love the way they twist corporate values to suit the management styles of bullies. Ever changing performance indicators and a sliding approach to team functions lead to confusion and under-performance. That, in turn, leads to more reprisals from managers and so the spiral…

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