Beauty … Sensitivity … Compassion … Poignance


Breath of Africa

EXTRACTS FROM REVIEWS received from  Authonomy readers:

“One of the bestselling points of this story is the beauty of Africa; the title and the protagonist’s love for the country hints at an astounding nation, filled with beautiful and exotic colours, textures and smells.”

“I am gripped … a beautifully crafted book that tackles some complex issues incredibly sensitively. I love the dialogues between the different characters, the contrasts, and the way you don’t gloss over the complexities of some of the issues. You bring Caroline’s faith out in a helpful, non-dogmatic way.”

“This is an extremely well-researched novel. I also find it interesting that a person who isn’t a Black African would write this and do it with a high degree of compassion for what the native Kenyans went through but also a deep sense of the white farmers and the complex relationships they had with the tribal people. I like this. Very different. Very Unusual.”

“There is something very poignant and sad about this tale of end of Empire in Kenya, so vividly recalled.”

“A well-written book that takes you into the world of Africa so evocatively that I felt as if I was walking in the tall grass with the lions stalking me. Do check it out!”

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2 Responses to Beauty … Sensitivity … Compassion … Poignance

  1. I am delighted to see Jane Bwye’s Breath of Africa here on this site. I’ve read and starred this gripping story very highly on the Authonomy website and backed the book all the way to the Editor’s desk. Being born and bred in South Africa I loved Jane’s sensitive way of handling an age old problem of falling in love with someone of a different race. Her characters are memorable and loveable and the story itself will haunt the reader for many days to come. This novel gives the reader insight into East African history, its peoples and its intriguing, diverse culture. A love story not to be missed!

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