Sitting Pretty

It may seem so to some people.

Here I am on my swivel computer chair in my bedroom/office, (I use a cushion, which saves my ailing back a little) while hubby reclines on his NHS riser/recliner chair in the sitting room. This morning he’s reading a book. Most times he’s having a snooze, or watching cricket or snooker on the telly. When I come in for a break, he knows it’s time to switch to the tennis.

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It’s cloudy outside, and some days I never even go out the front door, it’s not very inviting. But if I crick my neck out the window, and it isn’t misty, I can see the downs. I remember the walks I used to take, suddenly deciding to up and go. I could climb to the top of Butt’s Brow in ten minutes. Great exercise! Then I would wander along the grassy pathways and forest glades communing with nature. Even singing out loud – after making sure nobody was within hearing distance. I stopped taking my binoculars with me years ago. The birds in this country conceal themselves cunningly behind a leaf or a branch the instant you raise your binos.

I learned where the stiles and benches were, and paced myself between them, stopping to sit and admire the view, and get my breath back. Sometimes I even took a notebook with me to continue a work in progress. I never got very far, as there were always passers-by to acknowledge, and dogs to greet. Dogs would come running to say hello, and stay for a brief pat and a tickle round the ears, or on the belly. We were kindred spirits, even though we were complete strangers. I do miss having animals at home. It’s not practical in a tiny flat.

Now, however, I have achieved greatly if I manage to complete the five-minute walk down the road to the Triangle – our local shops – and back. I make myself do it because the exercise is good for me, but it’s a relief when I return home to collapse into my armchair.



Chilham Castle


One thing I can still do, sitting comfortably in my car – and sometimes perching not so comfortably on a stool in a cold and dusty judges’ box – is judge dressage. I don’t need to tell you I love horses, and this is a way of keeping in touch with these wonderful animals. I go to some exotic places, and once or twice even Olympians have come before me on beautiful young horses.

Sitting is not always comfortable. The chairs at my bridge club play havoc with my back, and I now have to use a cushion. The older you get, the more sedentary you become, and the more important is the seat in your scheme of things. Along with most of our congregation, I am looking forward to delivery of new chairs in our church.

And now it’s time to get up again and prepare for lunch. While slicing onions last night, the ceramic knife slipped, and chomped off a piece of nail from my finger. I was sitting at the time on a hydraulic, padded bar stool with 360 degree swivel, which I found on the internet. One of my better buys.

My finger is getting better already, so perhaps I won’t lose the whole nail; but that’s another story in the making…

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7 Responses to Sitting Pretty

  1. I don’t get out much. It’s 43 steps and no lift up to my flat. A lovely lady who was my husband’s caregiver stayed on and runs errands. 🙂 — Suzanne

    • jbwye says:

      Oh dear – I certainly wouldn’t be able to manage 43 steps in one go, Patricia! Hope you have a nice view out of your window.

  2. Know exactly how you feel, Jane. My back is boggart so I can’t ride any more but the joy of horses is that one can still WATCH; I feel grand when I can walk Lily down to the river which is only 15 minutes. Sit down for a rest and walk back. Take my arm, Jane – it’s always there beside you xxxx

    • jbwye says:

      aAwwww thank you Ailsa – I’ll think of you whenever I feel like taking someone’s arm! Glad you’re over the latest hurdle. We must keep on keeping on.

  3. Rita Allen says:

    What a lovely letter, Jane. I am going to subscribe. Give my regards to Roy and to Garth and Eileen if you see them. Rita

    • jbwye says:

      Rita – lovely to hear from you, and thank you for subscribing to my Newsletters. They will come every three months or so!

    • jbwye says:

      Hello Rita! Thankyou for your response. We hope to see Garth and Babette in July for our 50th anniversary! However, we are all struggling with anno domini I’m afraid…

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