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I know there is a slight greenish tinge on some of us, but at least it was colourful at the Eastbourne Book Festival on Saturday 19th November. Five Crooked Cats were given prime position at center stage. With me, were – from my left  – Lizzie Koch, Jeff Gardiner, Susan Lodge and Sarah Stevenson, and there was another feline colleague at stage left, (or is it right?) Marcia Wolf, manning her own table. If you follow the links, you’ll see that we are a healthy, eclectic group.

We delighted in getting to know, and learning from, each other. Lizzie, on my left, taught me a thing or two about selling. She never stops talking, she admits – except when she’s nervous – and successfully drew people in with her animated pitch, then passed the punters along the line. Jeff provided the colourful posters which we tacked to the front of our table; seeing Susan’s professional display of merchandise motivated me to order stands for my books for future events; and I couldn’t resist buying a signed copy of Sarah’s amusing take on a dog’s life. You can see my review HERE.

Towards the end of the afternoon, the weather closed in, the public retired home, and we socialised with other authors in the theatre. It took a while to convince them that Crooked Cat Books was not a self-publishing medium, but an independent publisher (which has just celebrated its fifth birthday); and none of us had paid out a single penny to be published. We wished we’d brought some literature to hand out about Crooked Cat… we had not even a card between us. Next year, we wont forget.

I know I’m not all that experienced, but I do believe our publishers are exceptional. Who else provides free regular webinars for their authors? Who else has had annual get-togethers, which have resulted in geographical groups meeting around the countryside, exchanging tips and information? We enjoy great camaraderie, and our “secret” Facebook group is a buzzing hive of questions, answers, and delightful banter. But you can read more in my previous blog, https://jbwye.com/2016/08/19/whats-a-webinar/.

Meanwhile, a HAPPY FESTIVE SEASON to you all.

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