The Business of Blogging

One of my many brand new experiences last year was the business of blogging, which has led me  to visit some fascinating virtual homes.

At first as a new guest, I was apprehensive, not knowing quite what to expect or how to behave. But the learning process has been most enjoyable, and I found myself revealing perhaps more than intended when answering questions.


Quiet Cathie Dunn broke the ice for me, and I was honoured to feature on her blog in March. With her other hat on, she’s my brilliant publisher, and how she manages to do everything she does continues to amaze me. I wonder how she’s going to find the time to write her next book. I wrote a piece for her called DISCOVER AFRICA. Thank you for your gentle introduction to the blogging world, Cathie.

Digital CameraMy fellow kitten, the bubbly and unpredictable Ailsa Abraham, has hosted me twice in the past year, (yes, Ailsa, I’ve unearthed that ping you sent me on the Very British Blog Tour way back in March!). She conjured up delicious questions for me to answer, and I especially enjoyed virtually visiting her Bingerbread Cottage in France last November with INTO AFRICA. Looking forward to hosting you again here later this month Ailsa, celebrating the birth of your new business.

PictureAlso in March, my great friend from Authonomy days, Irish lass Kristin Gleeson hosted me on her blog, where I answered several CHALLENGING QUESTIONS.  It was Kristin who suggested I submit Breath of Africa to Crooked Cat, and the rest is history! She has now embarked on a partnership offering Literary Consultancy Services  and they have recently held their first competition, where I was proud to reach the semi-finals with my new as yet unpublished novella. (Sorry, I’ve been watching too much tennis recently).

Distinguished professional writer, columnist, literary judge Lorraine Mace honoured me with an invitation to her place at The Writers ABC checklist in May. I was all in a tither to be surrounded by so many famous people, and not sure which of Lorraine’s two faces to address (her alter ego is Frances di Plino, under which name she qualifies as my sibling kitten). But she was keen to  GET TO KNOW JANE BWYE and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared.

DSC00632A jump to August, and to Missouri in the United States, where another friend from my Authonomy days kindly asked me over for a chat. Sometimes I wish my visits were not mere virtual ones… Susan Finlay is a prodigious writer, and generous with her time and support of fellow authors. I was honoured to be her sixty-sixth interviewee on her blog  MEET THE AUTHOR

Crooked CatThen, just before I headed off for my first book signing event in September, Charlotte Comley offered me  a chance for a GUEST BLOG round the corner in Portsmouth, which was kind of her. She got me talking about my new project, a novella completely different from Breath of Africa. I met up with the Crooked Cats again at her place, which was a nice surprise.

And finally, I thoroughly enjoyed talking about VOLCANOS AND LAKES with fellow kitten Michaela Sacchi OBrien a little bit further down the road in Southampton. We met last June at a get together in Edinburgh and I look forward to getting to Michaela better on future occasions. This is my review of her book, Playing on Cotton Clouds.

Flamingo cormorants

Thank you, one and all for your virtual hospitality. I wasn’t very good at first with keeping records, and if I’ve left anyone out, please let me know.

My blog is open to visitors every Tuesday. If you wish to be my guest again – or for the first time – please leave a comment / make contact, and I will come back to you.


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5 Responses to The Business of Blogging

  1. It was a pleasure to have you visit, Jane – hope you’ll be stopping by for more cake soon!

  2. Lorraine says:

    You are welcome on my blog at any time, Jane. Interesting guests, such as yourself, add to the pleasure of being a host.

  3. You’ve had quite a blogging journey. It was a real pleasure to host you and many found your experiences fascinating. Hope 2014 sees you travel as widely.

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