Sunday Sojourn: Jane Bwye

Jennifer C. Wilson

We’re going overseas today for our Sunday Sojourn, and I’m delighted to welcome Jane Bwye to join me, and tell us about Grass Shoots, available now. Over to you, Jane!

Thank you, Jenny for inviting me to talk about historical connections in my novels. This will be a change from English history, I warn you!

On Nancy Jardine’s blog earlier this month, I spoke about my first novel Breath of Africa, and Kenya’s recent history behind it. But let’s go even further back in time, and consider Grass Shoots, my latest Africa novel.

grass shoots

Surviving throughout history are the hunter-gatherers – elusive bushmen. Nobody knows where they came from, but they permeated Africa south of the Sahara. In Kenya, they are called the Wanderobo and they hold the secrets of Africa’s essence – its herbs and wildlife.

There is an ancient legend connecting Africa’s insects, birds, beasts and people in an…

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