Chinese company accused of wilfully destroying Kenya’s best beach

Help – we need to stop this…

ATC News by Prof. Dr. Wolfgang H. Thome


(Posted 03rd March 2016)

The nightmare of sandless Diani beaches is looming large again after a Chinese company, the China Roads and Bridge Corporation decided to appeal a decision by the Kenyan environmental tribunal, that no more dredging was permitted off Diani beach without a full environmental and social impact assessment study. A hearing before the High Court has reportedly been scheduled for Friday though it can take time to hear what no doubt will be a large number of expert witnesses to testify.
That appeal however seems to have not been enough for the Chinese company, which has reportedly sent out its dredgers again, as incidentally reported by this correspondent last week via a tweet, seeking additional information.
This has now come forth through Diani based sources which claim that four dredgers are now ‘harvesting‘ sand right at the…

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