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Tales from the African Bush

Social media doesn’t really seem to be working for my purposes.

Posts about my books are rarely seen, even when I’m trying to raise money for great causes like the rangers on the ground, Project Rhino and so on.


I’ve tried all of the tricks, tagging others, engaging memes, contests, blogs, videos, book-centred groups, I even paid for a promotion a couple of times (complete waste of money).

Maybe Facebook, for instance, is no longer what it set out to be and I should look for other places to introduce my work and talk with readers about what they like and want to read more of.

I know that I have a great body of work that resonates with people and that is truly relevant to the times, but it doesn’t mean much if you can’t get the word out.

Books like “Msomi and Me” , “Elephants Are…

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