Being Grateful, Being Thankful

There’s no need for me to say anything – Sarah Butland has said it all. May everybody enjoy a peaceful Christmas-tide.

Being Grateful Being Thankful 5X7One Month ‘Til Christmas

Stores are stocked with decorations and chocolates in the shape of reindeer and Santa heads, depending where you are the ground may be covered in that white stuff and holiday music is filling our ears. It’s, some say, the most wonderful time of the year.

And it is, a very good time indeed for most. Christmas brings family, friends and a general feeling of goodness into our soul so why not have this tingling feeling most every day?

New mothers can REJOICE in their child’s need for comfort as through all the crying and waking during the night, to feel needed is something we can all CHERISH. Hark the ANGELS who have left your world physically but look down upon you to keep you safe, not just at Christmastime when their setting at the table is filled by someone else but every day.

Everything frustrating and annoying just needs a shift in perspective to bring love and happiness into your life. With each day we count down till that special day, deck your halls with pictures of happy times and look at them, remember and talk about it. Celebrate the silent nights and the sleigh rides all year ‘round and know that family is whoever you feel comfortable inviting into your home when it’s a mess.

With the launch of Being Grateful, Being Thankful, each reader takes away a completely different focus within the book but all come out feeling warm and fuzzy. The mosquito that used to bother you, the dandelions you just can’t get rid of and yes, even the snow, all have a purpose and a certain beauty about them we can all say thank you for.

So in one months time… actually, right now, say thank you to all that your life has brought you and appreciate who has been with you through all the frustrations and soul searching you’ve been experiencing.

Celebrate the now!

Thanks for reading,


Sarah Butland

Author of Being Grateful, Being Thankful: For Even The Rain Brings Rainbows

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