A High Fantasy Epic

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My good friend in Alaska, Lela Marham, is my guest on this very special day, the launch of her wonderful atmospheric book The Willow Branch, which I first read on Authonomy. If you wish to be reminded what a versatile and interesting person Lela is, please refresh yourselves on our previous meeting a few months ago….The Aurorawatcher

Tell me about your book, Lela.

The Willow Branch is the first book in the Daermad Cycle, a high fantasy epic.

A healer (Padraig) must mend the fractured kingdom of Celdrya, find the prophesied True King and unite the Celdryans and their ancient enemy the Kin before a greater enemy destroys them both. He will contend with rival human factions, scheming black mages, warring religions, lost history, and vengeful Celtic goddesses in his quest. With all that distraction, a man might meet the True King and not recognize him.

Front Cover

Where is it available?

It is released on October 20 on Smashwords and Amazon.

What are you up to next?

I’m always writing something. I’m a bit of a genre-hopper. Right now, I am working on a non-fiction on Alaska’s colonial (ahem, statehood) status with the United States, a dramatic fiction about grief, loss and redemption, and a dystopian about the end of the world as we know it, but my solid plan is to publish The Shadow Forest, Book Two of the Daermad Cycle, sometime next year. It will further the stories begun in The Willow Branch. I plan to continue using aurorawatcherak to debut works and rabble rouse as the interest strikes me.

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