Pause for Thought

Ooooops nearly missed it! (The article about me in the on-line edition of our local newspaper, the Eastbourne Herald.

Here’s a taster:

“I have heard it said that we all have a book inside us, just waiting to get out. And a colleague at Eastbourne’s own charity ‘People Matter’ has proved that to be the case.


A few weeks ago, Jane Bwye published her first novel ‘Breath of Africa’….

I found myself envying Jane, as I have often thought that I should put pen to paper in this way, but so far have always given into procrastination!

Just in case I ever get around to it, I wanted some ideas from her.

What prompted you to write the book?:

“Robert Ruark’s Uhuru and Nicholas Monsarrat’s Tribe books made a deep impression on me as a young woman, although I could only read them once.

I believed I lived in a beautiful, ideal world. Surely they’d got it wrong? Africa couldn’t possibly be as violently ugly as they described it. Why was everybody so negative about it? …..”

There’s lots more in the Eastbourne Herald!

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