More winter 2013 releases!

Crooked Cats' Cradle

Banish the winter blues with more exciting stories!

February / March 2013 Releases

Discover romantic spells, revealing Tarot cards, canine adventures, political uproar, chilling secrets and chocolatey murders…

Contemporary Fiction / Black Comedy

A Guide to Becoming Distinctly AverageAGuideToBecomingDistinctlyAverage

Amy Elliott-Smith

Dogs, depression and life…

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Romantic Fiction


How do you Spell Love?

Love, life and unexpected developments. Make a wish!Zanna MacKenzie

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Drama / Contemporary Fiction


Breath of Africa

J.L. Bwye

Join Charles and Caroline as their lives unfold in Kenya over 30 years. Forbidden relationships, suspicious deaths and a curse that can’t be broken. Or can it?

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 Thriller Chiller


I know You Know

Helen A Howell

The cards don’t lie. Janice knows the man sitting opposite her is a serial killer…

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