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Discover Africa – with author Jane Bwye

Today, a wonderful writer is visiting – Jane Bwye, author of breathtaking drama Breath of Africa, newly released from Crooked Cat. Breath of Africa is a tale of life in Kenya, of love, danger and fate. And, most of all, of an incredible country.You’ll be amazed by Jane’s story. I am.
Over to Jane…

It all started in the early 1970’s. We’d sunk our savings into buying a mansion in the middle of a steeply sloping gum plantation in Tigoni. From the 11-acre plot you could see Nairobi on a clear day, fifteen miles to the south…

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Thirty years of Kenya’s recent history unfold through the lives of Caroline, a privileged woman from the fertile highlands, and Charles Ondiek, a farm labourer with dreams of an Oxford education. 

Charles’s love for Teresa, daughter of a hated settler farmer, leads to a drama of psychological terror fuelled by Mau Mau oath administrator, Mwangi, who is held in detention for six years.

On his release, Mwangi forces Charles and Teresa apart, then turns his attention to Caroline. But she has inner resources, and joins with Charles to seek out a mysterious ancestral cave.

Against the backdrop of Kenya’s beautiful but hostile desert, the curse is finally broken. But when Caroline discovers the hidden reason for Mwangi’s hatred, she wonders if she’ll ever, really, belong in the country she loves.



She tore her eyes away from the gaping hole before her and raised them towards the palm tree on her left. Its swaying trunk bent gently towards the grave. She looked up its ringed bark; up and up until the few green fronds swished against the blue sky. Her eyes squinted and watered at the merciless glare of the heavens, then found rest with a small white cloud.
Brian. Where are you? You know the Answer to Life, now. Can you see me here, my darling? Brian! Her heart cried out and tears welled. Brian – I love you.
Alone now.
The others were at the row of wreaths, reading the labels and standing in hushed groups. Nobody joined her at the graveside. She approached the flowers, and people started to pick them up and turn towards the mound of earth. She found a small wreath. Somebody had written on the label.
To my darling Brian, with love from Caroline and Paul.
Not alone. How silly of me. Thank God for little Paul.
Just to remind you: the book can be bought through Amazon in Kindle and paperback formats, and from Crooked Cat in all e-book formats.
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