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  4. I was looking for historical information about Loreto convent, Eldoret, for example, when it was first established; by whom; who gave the land, etc. I found a photo that is shown to have been taken a while ago by JLBwye. I wanted to inform you that what was “Loreto Convent, Eldoret, is now a campus of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa and I am one of the lecturers there. i teach business management – specifically marketing. I also have responsibility for establishing the history of the campus so that we can have it written. Do you have any information or contacts I could use?

    Gilbert arap Bor,
    Lecturer, Marketing and Management,
    Catholic University of Eastern Africa,
    Gaba Campus,
    P.O. Box 908 – 30100,
    Eldoret, Kenya
    Telephone: +254722391390
    Skype: gilbertbor

    • jbwye says:

      I’ve just seen your comment! When I was in Kenya earlier this year, I visited my old teachers at Loreto Convent Msongari, and bought a book “Towards Life in Its Fulness” A story of Loreto in EA. by Stephanie O’Brien. Have just looked into it again – and there’s a chapter on Eldoret, founded in 1929! Published by Paulines Publications Africa in 2015. ISBN 9966089063
      It could be a start for you.
      I do hope that helps.
      Jane Bwye

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